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motor custom yamaha byson cafe racer

Hello, my name is Hardianta Edho Saputra. I live in Jember Regency, East Java, Indonesia. I am a state-owned enterprise employee and I have a passion for automotive, especially custom motorcycles.

My Byson: From Secondhand to Caferacer

My motorcycle is a 2010 Yamaha Byson 150cc in white. I bought it secondhand when I started my first job. I was inspired by my friends who also built custom motorcycles. I started stalking custom motorcycle Instagram accounts, both domestic and foreign. Before I knew it, my Instagram explore page was filled with custom motorcycles.

I decided to completely transform my "Kebo" (Byson) into the motorcycle it is today. It was a way for me to relieve stress and fatigue from my daily routine.

motor custom basic yamaha byson

The Caferacer Concept: Sporty, Manly, and Rare

I chose the Café Racer concept because I find it very sporty in appearance and looks more manly when ridden. Plus, it's not as common in my city compared to other custom motorcycle concepts. Many people think Café Racers are uncomfortable to ride, which is one of the reasons I chose this concept. I wanted something different and unique.

Inspiration from Roamotorcycles and Local Craftsmanship

I was inspired by one of the Instagram accounts, @roamotorcycles, a custom motorcycle workshop in Spain. They customized a BMW Classic R80 motorcycle, making it simple and elegant. I thought, why not apply this to my Byson? Even though it's far from a BMW R80, it's still possible, right?

modifikasi yamaha byson cafe racer

hornet cafe racer yamaha byson

hornet cafe racer yamaha byson

Stang yamaha byson caferacer

Favorite Parts: Custom Exhaust and Paint Job

My favorite parts of my motorcycle are the exhaust and the paint job. The exhaust is a custom job by a local Jember pride exhaust workshop, Widhex Exhaust Mechanic. The paint job was done by my brother-in-law, Erwin Sofyan Hadi, at home. I am very satisfied with the results.

The Joys and Sorrows of the Build

There were many joys during the process of building my motorcycle. It gave me a new hobby and something to look forward to besides work. I enjoyed searching for motorcycle parts in the marketplace, finding inspiration on motorcycle Instagram accounts, going back and forth to the workshop, and experiencing all the other exciting moments.

The biggest sorrow was probably the weather during the painting process. It rained almost every day, which made it difficult for the paint to dry. We even had to repaint some parts because the paint was damaged due to condensation and did not dry completely.

Other than that, the only other sorrow was that my savings "disappeared" haha.

modifikasi yamaha byson jadi cafe racer

Describe your motorcycle creation in 3 words?

Elegant, Manly, and Sexy

Connect with Me

Name / Alias: Hardianta Edho Saputra / Om Djarot
Twitter: @edhodhoeee
Instagram: @edhodhoeee
Website: -

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