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Hello, my name is Boby, a computer teacher at one of the training centers in Surabaya.

In addition to being a teacher, I also have a workshop called Gara Gara Garage. It's not a commercial workshop, but rather a side project to fill my free time by working on my own motorcycle and those of my closest friends.

I've always been interested in things that can be modified or made to my liking, from colors and shapes to overall appearance. This includes motorcycles, 3D interior/exterior design, and even Android game development.

In 2009, my uncle gave me a Honda Tiger Revo 2009 motorcycle. I started my foray into the world of motorcycle modifications by simply changing the mirrors and cutting stickers on the body. Over time, my interest grew and I began to explore more extensive modifications.

modifikasi honda tiger custom dragster

A Strange Fusion of Moto Styles

After much deliberation and experimentation, I arrived at a unique and "strange" concept for my motorcycle. I drew inspiration from various genres, including the modern and classic styles, the strong history of cafe racers, the distinctive attitude of choppers, the aggressiveness of flat trackers, and the feel of motorcycles from the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Initially, it was quite challenging to combine all these elements into one cohesive design. However, my perspective changed when I discovered drag racing events like @sultansofsprint. The motorcycles competing there were instrumental in helping me refine my concept, and eventually, I created the Honda GL200 that I named "Al Istidraj".

A Blend of Styles and Influences

The motorcycle features a springer front end and a double headlight, reminiscent of choppers, as well as a handmade clip-on handlebar, characteristic of cafe racers. The riding position is inspired by dragsters, while the unibody bodywork attempts to replicate the "Tracey Bodyworks" style popular in American motorcycle culture of the 1970s. I also incorporated elements of flat trackers, such as the use of a monoshock on the front suspension, and racing wheels to give it a sporty look.

inspirasi modifikasi motor custom cafe racer
Mesin motor custom honda Tiger 200
Swing arm banana mono honda tiger

The paint scheme is inspired by the distinctive JDM style from Japan.

inspirasi modifikasi motor custom flat tracker

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