Paint it Black - Honda Tiger Caferacer Covid-19

Honda Tiger Japstyle

KustomGaras The Journal x Yoppy Yohanes

Fueled by the enthusiasm for the custom motorcycle scene and the inspiration from Instagram, Yoppy decided to fulfill his passion.

Around the end of last year, I decided to create my first custom motorcycle with various ideas in my head. To make it happen, I contacted my friend Batakastem and after a few months, we made this motorcycle a reality.

headlamp caferacer

LED tailight motor custom caferacer

Honda Tiger Caferacer Covid-19

Concept & Specifications:
  • Base: Honda Tiger 1999
  • Minimalist and all black, inspired by the Rolling Stones song - Paint it Black
  • Tank, upper triangle, mudguard, frame, seat are all handmade custom. The design of the tank cap is made as flat as possible.
tangki motor custom honda tiger

Spion motor custom caferacer japstyle

Handgrip motor custom caferacer

modifikasi cafe racer indonesia

Speedometer integrated with lights. Bluetooth device on the upper triangle to receive notifications for time, date, weather, messages, and calls.

motor custom japstyle tiger

We started this project in November when Covid started to hit, and it was finished in March 2020 when Corona entered Indonesia. For this reason, we decided to dedicate this motorcycle to the victims of Covid19 in Indonesia.

The writing CovID-19 on the side cover, with the word ID in red as a symbol of our country - Indonesia

The plus sign that is usually red as a symbol of the Red Cross, we changed it to black, attached to the side battery cover and also the front light to replace the commonly used cross sign.

Motor custom honda tiger

We also made a short video using this motorcycle to raise awareness about masks and hand sanitizer.

Spakbor modifikasi motor custom

Honda Tiger Modifikasi CovID-19

Paint it Black - Honda Tiger Caferacer Covid-19

Connect with me:

Owner, concept maker, and photographer: Myself - Yoppy (@yoppyyohanes)
Workshop, Batakastem Workshop (@batakastem_workshop)

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