Honda CB250 Night Hawk: Motorcycle is the Soul

Modifikasi Motor Custom Scrambler Honda CB250

Greetings from Reno Custom! Our story began in 2004 as a welding and custom workshop. Over the years, we ventured into the world of racing (cross, grastrack, drag). In the past five years, we've made a comeback to the world of custom, seeking inspiration from beyond our hometown of Tanjungpinang. After thorough research, we decided to adopt the name "Reno Kustom" for our workshop, embracing the spirit of creativity and growth within the custom culture scene in Tanjungpinang and Indonesia.

A Scrambler Inspired by a Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette

The motorcycle we've built is a 1994 Honda CB250 Night Hawk. Initially, we were simply bored with the factory look and wanted to explore different custom genres. That's when the idea to customize this motorcycle sparked our imagination.

Our concept is a Japanese-engineered Scrambler, inspired by nothing more than a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

Modifikasi Motor Custom Scrambler Honda CB250

The customization process began with the chassis. We modified the rear section to align with the Scrambler concept, and then crafted the tank, fenders, seat, headlights, and headlight mounts by hand at Reno Kustom. For the tires, we chose Shinko E805, and for the wheels, we went with Rossi rims, 350 at the front and 450 at the rear. The front and rear drums are from a Honda CRF, the front shocks are from an ex-Honda RFV 400, and we used Daymaker headlights. The color scheme is a polished gray, and the exhaust is an aftermarket model.

Motor Custom Honda CB250

The Enthralling Engine and the Challenges of Inspiration

The engine is the part I love most about this motorcycle. It's a relatively rare model, and the sound of its engine is distinct from most other two-cylinder motorcycles.

The challenges we faced in building the Honda CB250 Night Hawk included finding inspiration, which took a considerable amount of time. We also had to work with the limitations of our tools.

-------  Note. Ayo ikutan berbagi inspirasi di The Jounal, dengan mengirimkan cerita tentang motor kalian ke email

Future Plans: A Roar to Match the Look

In the future, we plan to modify the exhaust to give the motorcycle a more aggressive look.

Describing Our Motorcycle Creation in 3 Words

Motorcycle is the Soul

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