The Beast & Grace - KTNS GP125 Cafe Racer

KTNS GP125 Cafe Racer

Hey everyone, I'm Muhamad Azreen Aziz Bin Rosdi, or better known as Yen or Yenyot, from Malaysia. I'm a huge enthusiast and admirer of custom and classic motorcycles, also known as antique motorcycles, because they tell a story and embody the unique character of each era. When you ride a classic motorcycle, you feel the "vibes" of the past.

My KTNS GP125: A Canvas for Creativity

My motorcycle is a 2019 KTNS GP125. I believe that a unique motorcycle like this deserves customization to enhance its appeal and showcase a different kind of vision.

While I have many ideas and inspirations, there's beauty in focusing on a single concept and drawing inspiration from the amazing work of others. My initial and current focus is a "cafe racer" concept, aiming for a look that is handsome, powerful, stylish, and sure to turn heads. The cafe racer concept might be considered old-fashioned by some younger people, but I believe there's room to reinvent it with fresh ideas. Stay tuned!

Customizations That Preserve Authenticity

My modifications haven't involved replacing every single part; I wanted to preserve the original character of my motorcycle. Some of the changes I've made include installing cafe racer handlebars, creating a new custom battery box under the seat, replacing the original carburetor with a Yamaha LC 135 carburetor (a subtle yet effective upgrade), removing the "U" loop, switching to a digital LED speedometer, and shortening the mudguard.

Motor Custom KTNS GP125

The Joys and Challenges of Customization

With any passion project, there are bound to be ups and downs, right? The ups and downs of customization are numerous: encounters with the police, accidents, budget constraints, unexpected issues like scratches, breakages, and various other challenges.

Looking Towards the Future of Customizing

Naturally, I have further aspirations in the world of motorcycle customization. Who wouldn't? When you're passionate about something you deeply desire, it's only natural. But let's be honest, sometimes the budget just doesn't allow for everything!

Cafe Racer KTNS GP125

Describing My Motorcycle Creation in 3 Words

Handsome, Powerful, Elegant


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