MadWolf's Tracker Dominator: Trailblazing Excellence

I'm an aerospatial quality engineer but I'm passionate by everything with a motor so when I was unemployed, I decided to make my creativity free on a bike. It was the start of a long project of mounting a garage...

So I bought the Honda Dominator (1990) at 300kms from Paris, and I started to draw what I want after watching a lot of modified motorcycles. It was in 2015, 3 years ago, and it took a while because of many things.

I had to move to Angouleme for a job and now I'm working in Bordeaux since 2 years. I selled this project 2 years ago for a customer, but he told me almost 6 months later he has no money for it. During all this time, I had others customers to make others bikes so I didn't touch the dominator. But last 6 months I finished the bike by simplifying the electrical wires, restyling the seat and painting the tank fuel.

So the bike now is finished, it's for sale! Actually I'm finishing a 1980 Suzuki DR400S and a 1980 R100 RS. I have a new customer for a street tracker Honda Dominator too, and as my work is being enjoyed, I'm happy to keep my goal to made my own professional garage!

Tracker Dominator specifications :
  1. Excel wheels with TKC80
  2. XT500 aluminium tank fuel
  3. Custom seat and exhaust
  4. Easton handlebar
  5. Daytona ODO
  6. Z800 master cylinder brake
  7. Red braided brake "wire" (in french "durite aviation")
  8. EMC rear schock
and a lot of tiny modifications. If you interested to buy this bike, please contact me below:

MadWolf Motorcycle (France)
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