That motorcycle is cool! Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 Chopper

Motor itu Keren - Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 Chopper

KustomGaras The Journal x Kevin Prathama

Hello, my name is Kevin, from Medan.

Make, type of motorcycle and year of production?

Harley Davidson Sportster Xl 1200 year 1998

Why did you decide to customize the motorcycle?

In early 2007, when I was still in junior high school, I started entering the automotive world because at that time I participated in road race events until 2012. After graduating from school, my father terminated the road race contract and I was confused about where to ride my motorbike. And finally I decided to build my first motorcycle, a CB 200 in 1984, and started participating in contests in Medan.

Then in 2016 I decided to build my first big motorcycle, namely my Harley Davidson, with a construction time of 2 years and thank God in 2017 my motorcycle became the best of the best Suryanatio Motorland at that time. And finally in 2018 I built a Yamaha XS650 motorcycle at Queenlekha Chopper.

Motor itu Keren - Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 Chopper 1

What is the concept and what was it inspired by?

The concept of my motorcycle is Chopper because maybe the chopper style is the most rebellious motorcycle style and because I really liked Indiana Larry at that time.

What was customized?

I bought almost all the parts custom aftermarket, such as the exhaust which I bought from WestCoast Chopper America, lights and other accessories from Cremshin Chopper, I bought almost all the parts from America. I only customized the footstep myself in Medan hehe

What is your favorite part of this motorcycle and why?

The part that I like the most is the Exhaust, because it is the one that my favorite builder from childhood made, namely Jesse James from West Coast Chopper and it is the latest release that was made directly by him.

Tell us about the joys and sorrows of the customization process?

Only 1, long in the shipping process because I took 2 years to build the motorcycle, it took a long time to wait for the parts hahaha

Are there any other desires that you want to implement on the motorcycle?

Actually, there are many ideas that I want to make, but I'm busy with my work hehe

Motor itu Keren - Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 Chopper 1

Describe your motorcycle in 3 words?

Motorbikes are cool!

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