BMW S1000RR '15 Review: More Power, Less Weight, More Dominance

BMW S1000RR '15 Review More Power, Less Weight, More Dominance

In the fiercely competitive world of sportbikes, 2015 promises to be a battleground. With the arrival of the Kawasaki H2, a revamped Yamaha R1, and a larger-displacement Ducati Panigale, the pressure is on for established champions to up their game. BMW, the reigning king with its S1000RR, has responded with a comprehensive overhaul designed to maintain its dominance.

This isn't a mere facelift; the 2015 S1000RR boasts a significant power boost, a lighter chassis, a suite of new rider aids, and even a surprising addition – cruise control. Let's delve deeper into the details that make this the most potent S1000RR yet.

BMW S1000RR More Power, Less Weight: A Champion's Formula

The 2015 S1000RR gains a significant 6 horsepower, pushing its peak output to a staggering 199 horsepower. This increase is complemented by a 4kg weight reduction program, bringing the curb weight down to 204kg (449.7 lbs) with a full fuel tank. This impressive feat makes the new S1000RR even more exhilarating on the track.

BMW's engineers haven't just focused on peak power figures. Torque delivery has also been improved, with a stronger pull from the lower end of the rev range. Maximum torque now sits between 82 and 83 lb-ft, available in a broader range between 9500rpm and 12,000rpm. The redline remains at 14,200rpm.

BMW S1000RR '15 Review More Power, Less Weight, More Dominance 2

Sharper Handling and Enhanced Control

The 2015 S1000RR benefits from a completely new chassis, designed to provide even more precise handling and feedback to the rider.  For riders seeking maximum control, an optional semi-active suspension system, derived from the high-performance HP4 model, is available. This electronically controlled system adjusts damping automatically to optimize performance in various riding conditions.

As expected, the 2015 model receives refinements to its existing electronic rider aids package. Traction control, ABS, and riding modes have all been recalibrated to ensure optimal performance with the new engine and chassis.

BMW S1000RR '15 Review More Power, Less Weight, More Dominance

Cruise Control on a Superbike?

Perhaps the most surprising addition to the 2015 S1000RR is cruise control. While seemingly out of place on a 199 horsepower machine, BMW highlights its benefits for extended journeys and its potential use as a speed limiter. This unexpected feature adds a touch of practicality to the S1000RR's arsenal.

BMW S1000RR '15 Review More Power, Less Weight, More Dominance

Riding modes remain a staple, with the familiar Rain, Sport, and Race options returning. New additions include a "Slick" mode for track riding on high-grip tires and a customizable "User" mode that allows riders to tailor various settings to their preferences.

The "Rain" mode deserves a special mention. It intelligently reduces power output to a more manageable 187 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it activates ABS and traction control earlier and softens throttle response, making it ideal for slippery conditions.

Weight Reduction: A Strategic Approach

BMW achieved the 4kg weight reduction through two key changes. The first involves eliminating the front silencer, opting instead for a larger, twin-pipe exhaust at the rear. The second strategy involved utilizing a lighter battery. These seemingly minor modifications contribute significantly to the S1000RR's improved performance.

A Visual Refresh and Color Options

While the overall design retains the familiar S1000RR silhouette, no panel remains untouched for 2015. The signature "boggle-eyed" front end receives a makeover, with the headlights swapped so the round one sits on the right. The headlights themselves have grown larger, giving the bike a distinctive new face.

The 2015 S1000RR will be available in a range of colors, including red and light blue, black, and the iconic BMW Motorsport colors. Pricing details haven't been revealed yet, but motorcycle enthusiasts can expect to see the new S1000RR unveiled at Motorcycle Live in November.

Beyond the Numbers: New Tech Features

The 2015 S1000RR isn't just about raw power and weight reduction. BMW has equipped it with some exciting new technological features that enhance the riding experience.

Launch Control: Borrowed from MotoGP technology, launch control allows riders to achieve maximum acceleration from a standing start. By holding the starter button for three seconds, the system activates, allowing full-throttle launches with pre-programmed settings for optimal performance.

Pit Lane Limiter: This feature is another MotoGP-derived innovation. Riders can set a desired speed limit, typically used in pit lanes during races. By engaging first gear and holding the starter button, the bike maintains the set speed, eliminating the risk of exceeding pit lane restrictions. BMW even claims this system produces a distinctive exhaust sound, adding a touch of excitement even in the pits.

BMW S1000RR '15 Review More Power, Less Weight, More Dominance

The 2015 BMW S1000RR - A Force to Be Reckoned With

With its significant power boost, lighter weight, sharper chassis, and a comprehensive suite of rider aids, the 2015 BMW S1000RR is a formidable contender in the high-performance sportbike arena. The addition of cruise control, while unexpected, demonstrates BMW's commitment to rider comfort and practicality. Whether conquering racetracks or cruising on long journeys, the new S1000RR promises an exhilarating and technologically advanced riding experience.

The arrival of the 2015 S1000RR throws down the gauntlet to its competitors. With a focus on power, handling, rider aids, and even a touch of practicality, BMW has ensured its champion sportbike remains a force to be reckoned with. As the 2015 motorcycle season approaches, the battle for superbike supremacy promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

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