Top Picks for 2024: Electric Motorcycles Charge Forward

Top Electric Motorcycle 2024 LiveWire S2 Mulholland 2

The electric motorcycle landscape is a constant state of flux. New models emerge, whispers of groundbreaking technology circulate, and occasionally, companies disappear as quickly as they appeared.  But through this market churn, established players remain, solidifying their positions. Legacy brands are dipping their toes into the electric pool, showcasing their first-generation EV efforts.  This dynamism makes electric motorcycles the most exciting and newsworthy segment in the motorcycle industry. Don't convinced? Let the comments section be your judge.

Every year demands a fresh look, so how does 2024 stack up against its predecessor?  Here at Motorcyclist, we've compiled a list of the hottest electric motorcycles you can buy right now. Buckle up!

Energica Experia - Touring Potential Realized

No "best of" list is complete without Italian flair. But beyond regional pride, the Energica Experia makes the cut because it tackles a challenge most electric motorcycles haven't: touring. It boasts proper range and the features to back it up. After its 2022 debut, reviewers were impressed by the surprisingly comfortable seat, excellent ergonomics, and high build quality. In short, the Experia significantly narrows the gap between electric and traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) touring motorcycles.

Top Electric Motorcycle 2024 Energica Experia

With a claimed range of 130 miles on the highway and a whopping 261 miles in the city, the Experia reigns supreme in the EV touring category.  Keep in mind, highway range is calculated at 80 mph, so adjust your expectations accordingly. With careful planning and leisurely stops, you could conceivably achieve 300-plus mile days. While consistently finding DC Level 3 fast charging stations on the road might be a challenge, it delivers an impressive 248 miles of range per hour of charging. This translates to roughly an 80% charge in 40 minutes. Standard Level 2 charging adds approximately 39.5 miles per hour, depending on the source.

The Experia boasts the largest-capacity battery of any electric motorcycle currently available – a new 22.5kWh maximum (19.6kWh nominal).  A redesigned PMASynRM (Permanent Magnet-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor) motor is touted to be lighter, smaller, and positioned lower for improved low-speed handling. While the ergonomics and design favor the adventure (ADV) category over sport touring, similar to most large adventure bikes, the Experia isn't exactly built for tackling rugged trails.  At 573 pounds, it's not exactly lightweight. However, the 17-inch front wheel contributes to light and responsive steering, defying its hefty weight. The optional panniers and top case offer a respectable 112 liters of storage capacity.

The true story here isn't numbers or specifications; it's the validation that electric bikes deserve a seat at the touring table.  Energica's established presence and proven track record as a leading EV company mean you're not taking a gamble on an unproven product.

Energica Experia Price around $25,880

Stark Varg: Dirt Domination $12,900

Electric and dirt bikes? It's a perfect match. Range is measured in hours and sessions, and even aggressive riders need rest breaks to recharge – just like their machines.  The Stark Varg is one of the most capable electric dirt bikes Motorcyclist has ever tested. Virtually maintenance-free, surprisingly lightweight, and boasting power exceeding anything in the 450cc class, the Varg demands a place in any dirt discussion. The Alpha package offers a ridiculous 80 hp, while the Standard package comes with "only" 60 hp. A claimed six hours of riding won't hold up to super-aggressive riding, but a half-hour recharge should be enough to complete your shred session.

Novice riders looked surprisingly adept maneuvering technical sections on the Varg. Experienced riders reveled in the freedom to reposition their bodies and feet at will. Regardless of your skill level, the Varg eliminates distractions, allowing you to focus purely on the ride. Straight out of the box, no other bike offers the Varg's impressive 14.8 inches of ground clearance. Yet, the seat height remains virtually identical to other 450cc class bikes at 37.3 inches. The 260-pound weight is respectable, and the excellent KYB suspension front and back provide a generous 12.2 inches of travel in both directions.

Top Electric Motorcycle 2024 Stark Varg

Let's not sugarcoat it – this bike rips. All the power is constantly on tap. With an optional hand-operated rear brake, all you and your boots need to do is hold on and enjoy the ride. Whether you're carving lines, conquering obstacles, or simply taking in the sounds of nature on soft knobby tires, the Stark Varg elevates the electric dirt bike experience. Mud and dirt might just be where electric motorcycles shine the brightest.

Stark Varg Price around $12,900

Zero SR/F: Established Excellence $20,495

Our past reviews (check out the 2023 Zero Motorcycles SR/F Long-Term Ride Review, 2020 Zero Motorcycles SR/F Review MC Commute, and 2020 Zero Motorcycles SR/F Review articles) comprehensively explored  the strengths and weaknesses of the Zero SR/F. Its power and torque are phenomenal, and while range might not be ideal for extended touring, it remains a top contender in the full-size electric sportbike category.

Beyond raw specifications, a compelling reason to buy a Zero is the company's proven track record. Zero Motorcycles has been pioneering electric motorcycles since 2006. That stability matters. Unlike vaporware promises or missed delivery dates, Zero offers reliable, phenomenally quick bikes with proprietary batteries and motors – available for purchase today.

Top Electric Motorcycle 2024 Zero SR F

The business side of things translates into a serious machine. The Z-Force 7510 air-cooled motor draws from a 15.2kWh battery (with a 17.3kWh max capacity) to deliver a staggering 110 hp. But the true thrill lies in the 140 lb-ft of torque, moderated by five ride modes (including a customizable option via the Zero app). You'll likely spend most of your time leaving everyone in the dust at stoplights. The raw power and simplicity of no shifting are undeniably addictive.

The claimed range (176 miles of city riding) might take a hit if you unleash the SR/F's full fury. But let's be honest, are you packing your Yamaha MT-10 with bags for weekend getaways? The Zero SR/F prioritizes immediate, exhilarating fun. Until the next charging stop, that is. Progress takes time, and electric skeptics are welcome to watch from the sidelines as electric motorcycles rapidly close the performance gap.

Zero SR/F Price Around $20,495

LiveWire S2 Mulholland: New Kid on the Block

Fresh off the press, the LiveWire S2 Mulholland creates a buzz with its recent March 2023 launch.  Unlike its predecessor, the exceptional LiveWire One, the S2 Mulholland takes a more cruiser-centric approach in design and ergonomics. The handlebar is riser-mounted and narrower, with a taller "tank" profile reminiscent of the silhouette of Harley-Davidson Nightsters.

Top Electric Motorcycle 2024 LiveWire S2 Mulholland 1

Built on the S2 platform, it shares the Del Mar's 10.5kWh (nominal) battery, offering a highway range of 73 miles and a city range of 121 miles.  It sacrifices a slight edge in stoplight acceleration compared to the Del Mar, reaching 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds instead of 3.0 seconds.  However, its 84 hp and a whopping 194 lb-ft of torque deliver a unique blend of expected cruiser power with an otherworldly electric twist. The downward-angled, finned battery adds a distinctive touch, subtly referencing a traditional single-cylinder V-twin engine. The seat stretches boldly where a fuel tank would typically reside, drawing the eye toward the handlebars.

Upright riding or standing up to embrace the wind? The LiveWire S2 Mulholland caters to both styles. While passenger pegs are available as an optional add-on, the tiny seat suggests keeping passenger intimacy to a minimum.  Smaller than most Sportsters in terms of wheelbase (57.8 inches), it boasts a significantly lighter weight of 432 pounds compared to its traditionally heavy Harley counterparts. The S2 Mulholland defies easy categorization, existing outside the boundaries of conventional performance or midsize cruiser classes. But then again, does it have to fit a mold? The party starts at an MSRP of $15,999, available for purchase right now.

LiveWire S2 Mulholland Price around $15,999

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