Beauty is Pain - Kawasaki W175 Cafe Racer

Beauty is Pain - Kawasaki W175 Cafe Racer

KustomGaras The Journal x Bernard Angriawan

My name is Bernard Angriawan, I built this motorbike in my friend's workshop "Batakastem" which is located at Pamulang Estate L1/11 Jalan Semangka 4 - South Tangerang.

Brand, type of motorbike and year of production?

Kawasaki W175 2018.

Why did you decide to customize your motorbike?

Because I want to have a motorbike that is a bit different from other motorbikes and in my opinion customizing a motorbike has its own satisfaction, where we can make a motorbike according to our tastes.

Beauty is Pain - Kawasaki W175 Cafe Racer

What is the concept, and what is it inspired by?

Caferacer, which I inspired from my cousin's miniature caferacer motorbike.

What is custom made?

Starting from making a hornet tail, which is really typical of cafe racers, changing tires, swing arms, seats and several changes to the custom footstep, exhaust, mirrors, cents, front and rear lights. There are parts that are bought and made by yourself.

What part do you like most about this motorbike, why?

The hornet part. Because I think the hornet part is really sexy.

Beauty is Pain - Kawasaki W175 Cafe Racer

Tell us about the ups and downs of customizing a motorbike?

I like it when the motorbike is finished as expected. There's only one sadness, because I live in Padang, so I can't monitor the progress of the motorbike so I can only see photos via WhatsApp.

Do you still have other wishes that you want to apply to your motorbike?

Still there, want to replace the brake master and install a hydraulic clutch.

Beauty is Pain - Kawasaki W175 Cafe Racer

Describe motorbike work in 3 words?

Beauty is pain.

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