Boundless Creativity - Suzuki Thunder GN250 Tracker

Kreatifitas tak Berbatas - Suzuki Thunder GN250 Tracker

KustomGaras The Journal x Ary Kurniawan

I am Ary Kurniawan, a motorcycle enthusiast since junior high school. I first started riding a Vespa and have always been interested in taking ordinary motorcycles and making them extraordinary.

Make, type of motorcycle and year of production?

According to the STNK (Vehicle Registration Certificate), it is a GS 250, year of production 2000.

Why did you decide to customize the motorcycle?

Custom motorcycles are like a reflection of the owner's character. The work of this custom workshop, Akagarage, seems to fit me perfectly.

What is the concept and what was it inspired by?

The custom concept is a tough yet elegant motorcycle.

Kreatifitas tak Berbatas - Suzuki Thunder GN250 Tracker

What was customized?

Almost everything, except for the frame and engine.

What is your favorite part of this motorcycle and why?

I like all the parts. But my favorite is the combination of the silver tank, dark brown leather seat combined with knobby tires and dual exhausts. The rear view is ferocious.

Kreatifitas tak Berbatas - Suzuki Thunder GN250 Tracker

Tell us about the joys and sorrows of the customization process?

The joy is waiting for the results of our imagination. The sadness, hmm.. Nothing really, just laughing when I found out it was hard to find parts.

Are there any other desires that you want to implement on the motorcycle?

For now, I'm just going to enjoy this one.

Kreatifitas tak Berbatas - Suzuki Thunder GN250 Tracker

Describe your motorcycle in 3 words?

Boundless creativity.

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