Freedom, Pride & Culture - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

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My name is Muhammad Husni Muas, usually called Aliy by my friends. Before entering the automotive world and the Custom Scene, I was struggling in the field of welding fences, trellises, canopies, etc. Armed with my welding skills, I tried to make Fixie and Low Rider bicycles that were booming in Makassar at that time. Without expecting it, it turned out that the bicycles I made were liked by other people and I started receiving orders to make Fixie and Low Rider bicycles, and the results were quite good.

Then in 2012 I started to establish a small general workshop that worked on motorcycles and then met friends from the custom motorcycle community. From there I then became interested in making a custom motorcycle in the Chopper genre, and participated in local custom bike contest competitions in Makassar City and Alhamdulillah received appreciation from the judges as the First Winner in the Chopper Bobber class. Our workshop is called Ewako Custom Works.

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

Make, type of motorcycle and year of production?

Yamaha SR 400 Year 1984

Why did you decide to customize the motorcycle?

Initially, I made the Yamaha SR400 (engine only) with a Cafe Racer concept (the motorcycle still belonged to a friend at that time), then I married the motorcycle and re-customized it overall with the style that I like the most, namely chopper.

What is the concept and what was it inspired by?

The Yamaha SR400 is a Skinny Chopper concept that is simple and concise. On this SR400 chopper, I raise a blend of local cultural elements, namely the Bugis Makassar ethnic group who are brave and are usually called "Rooster from the East" and the Tana Toraja ethnic group which is famous for its Tedong Bonga and Tongkonan traditional houses.

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

What was customized?

The entire frame was rebuilt with a structure that adjusts to my personal posture, body parts including the fuel tank, oil tank, front and rear fenders, handlebars and fork girder, and gear shift devices.

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

What is your favorite part of this motorcycle and why?

The gear shifter and clutch system that applies foot clutch and hand shifter, because not everyone can operate a chopper motorcycle with a clutch and shifter system like this, but I still feel comfortable using it.

Tell us about the joys and sorrows of the customization process?

The joy is when..?

The sadness is when we want to implement something but are constrained by tools and materials.
Are there any other desires that you want to implement on the motorcycle?

There are still many because I am aware that in our area we are constrained by the limitations of tools and materials (especially aluminum materials, aluminum welding, and good chrome). I want to use fuel tanks and oil tanks made of aluminum, as well as a chrome frame.

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

Kebebasan, Kebanggaan & Budaya - Yamaha SR400 Chopper

Describe your motorcycle in 3 words?

Freedom, Pride and Culture

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Name / Alias: Muhammad Husni Muas / Aliy
Facebook: Aliy Muas
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