Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer 

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

KustomGaras The Journal x Carnival Wijayanto

Thank you for contacting me and expressing your interest in my work. I hope this story can grow and advance the world of Indonesian customs.

Hello, my name is Carnival Wijayanto, but please just call me Nival. I have been working as a worker at a private bank since 2018. I started building custom motorbikes in early 2013, and I actually built them in a separate workshop. So, like most people, I don't blame people who accept it, but yes, because I started as a road race kid, I know a little bit about motorbike engines inside and out.

Regarding the repair shop, first there was a big house in the city of Malang, where I used to go to college, which I often passed by, and I often saw lots of custom motorbikes there, so I dared to act cool and ask questions to the gentlemen there. His name is Uncle Iwan (not real name, cause I forgot the name). He is a man of retirement age who comes from Jakarta, and after retiring, he bought a house in Malang. 

I don't know what his previous job was because other people's pasts are none of my business. Here he explains a lot about custom motorbike culture, the culture of real motorbike kids, and various concepts regarding what a custom motorbike actually looks like. OK, finally, I went back to Bandung with the money I got from selling my previous motorbike and asked for a motorbike that the owner hadn't looked after for a long time.

The first workshop I went to was not a motorcycle repair shop but a welding shop that usually made fences, because one day when I was passing by there, I saw a motorcycle being built. Uncle Edi's name is (this one is real, I guess), and for frame matters and various things that are welded, for engine and electrical matters, I entrust it to Uncle Pipit. His workshop is very small, but judging from the way he works, he is not someone who is looking for profit but purely for his passion.

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

Brand, type of motorbike and year of production?

My basic motorbike is a 2005 Honda Tiger, aka GL 200.

Why did you decide to customize your motorbike?

Well, the first time I heard about this custom motorbike was the Caferacer. At first I didn't know that the Caferacer was a motorbike that had undergone extensive changes. The first time I found out about the Caferacer was from a YouTube video, with the title Tunnnel of Love Caferacer, from there I decided that the Caferacer was a motorbike. with a very sexy and classic shape, with a style that seems always ready to fight anyone who gets in its way.

What is the concept, and what is it inspired by?

The concept I made was the Caferacer which could be said to be mixed with Bratstyle from Japan, and once again several films inspired me to make a custom motorbike with the Caferacer concept, one of which was the film Brighten Rock, the Arctic Monkey song whose titles were 'You and I' and 'Why You Only Call Me When You're High and many other videos from outside that made me influenced.

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

What is custom-made?

I completely overhauled almost everything. Here are the details:

Tank: Original Honda GL K/GL 125
Headlamp: Yamaha Vixion 2005
Clip-on Bar: Custom Handmade
Fork: Honda GL 200 Polished
Rims: Front, 17x1.85, Rear, 17x2.50 Rossi
Discbrake: Front, 1970 Honda CB 100; Rear, Honda GL 200/Tiger Revo
Caliper: Front, Honda Gl 200; Rear Nissin Single Piston
Seats: Custom, Carrera Leather.
Blinkers: two-sided LEDs
Stoplamp: LED Custom Resin
Gearset: SINNOB 34/17
Gascock: KItaco
Gaspipes: Kitaco
Gas Filter: Kitaco
Shock Breaker: Front, Honda GL 200; Rear, Ride It Classic 'HD Sportser Replica'

Engine: Stroked up to 0.75, GL 100 Timechain, and Gearset. Rebuild the conrod and camchaft.

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

What part do you like most about this motorcycle, and why?

I like all the details, but what I like the most is the Cockpit View, which is really striking.

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer
Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

Tell us about the ups and downs of the customs process.

This one is going to be a long story, but it's the highlight. The first thing I did when I first bought this motorcycle was immediately take it to the Dago area without first checking the condition of the oil. As a result, the position of the motorbike above is proof that it has run out of oil. OK, I went home straight away and disassembled it, and the positive piston caught fire. I can't count how many times I've run out of gasoline because the piston position has been replaced, but it's not supported by replacing the leaking valve. Hundreds of times, other custom children on the side of the road—Matic, Sport, and Vespa children—have helped.

From that experience, I thought about giving the name Boris, a play on Boros. The furthest I took Boris to Bali with a petrol ratio of 1 to 3, compared to my friend's Honda CB 150 R motorbike. It got rained on, broke down, had a flat tire, and many other things. But out of all that, six more women have been in the back seat, and yes, Boris is always loved and always has a special meaning for them, especially certain moments that will always be attached to them.

On my journey to build this motorbike, I often met very kind-hearted people, starting from workshop mechanics who gave me very low prices to people who helped me on the road when I broke down. Until now, I have visited Jakarta and have had a reliable workshop. at Classic Parking Only Garage led by Fadil Cepot. He is one of the most sincere people I have ever met, a very simple person with a workshop measuring only 4x5m. Fadil Cepot used to be an office worker like me until office politics forced him to hang up his tie and pursue the automotive world of his childhood.

He is a drag jockey and also a father of four very young children, young people who I can really trust in handling, especially in the engine sector. His workshop was open until the evening, so I didn't have to bother looking for a repair shop and could still be at work until 5. This story is not completely complete because there are so many moments I have to remember, including some heartache.

In essence, the motorcycle is a reflection of my life; its shape, scratches, and skin represent every struggle I have had in life.

Do you still have other wishes that you want to apply to your motorcycle?

As for future plans, I feel that my struggle for more than 5 years to build this motorbike has almost reached the end point. All that remains is regular maintenance, and what I mean by maintenance is not just the engine sector; the detailing on the body must also be paid attention to.

For my future project plans, I think I will propose an SR400 or XS 650, which I want to build with a Chopper/Bobber concept. or maybe I will shift the world a little to the world of four wheels.

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

Gold, Glory and Guts - Honda Tiger GL200 Cafe Racer

Describe motorbike work in 3 words?

Gold, Glory and Guts.

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