Malika Bango Racer - Kawasaki W175 Bratcafe

Malika Bango Racer - Kawasaki W175 Bratcafe

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Thank you for your interest in Malika, it is an honor and a pride for me to be able to share stories with the media platform about this custom motorcycle in particular. My name is Renaldi Akbar, usually called Rey, I am from Bandung, and I am a businessman in the fields of Event Organizer (EO), property procurement, and convection.

The name of the workshop / builder that accompanies Malika until now is Peyrides Custom, owned by the romantic couple Teh Indri and A Bagus, located in Bandung, Jl. Bojong Koneng.

Make, type of motorcycle and year of production?

Kawasaki W175 SE year 2018

Why did you decide to customize the motorcycle?

Actually, why I bought a motorcycle that is basically a Kawasaki W175 is because it has a new engine from the factory, especially the frame / chassis of the motorcycle is really good to be used for anything, so I am free to design anything, yes, if you want a chopper style, just cut it haha.

So the main reason is that this motorcycle is very customizable plus a new engine + still carburetor and complete documents.

What is the concept and what was it inspired by?

The strong concept is definitely caferacer but adheres more to the Bratcafe nakedbike because the goal is to be used daily in the city or touring and it can still be accepted and for motorcycle contests, other people can take a look haha.

Initially I liked motorsport but I was bored with the current motorsport models that have the same shape and there are so many on the streets, so it doesn't feel exclusive, so the caferacer style is perfect for my concept.

Malika Bango Racer - Kawasaki W175 Bratcafe

As for the inspiration, it is actually more emphasized on the motorcycle parts and painting. Initially, I wanted to apply something to this motorcycle that I didn't like to be my own icon or advantage. So after thinking long and hard, I am afraid of soy sauce, I don't like soy sauce at all, so the name Malika Bango Racer was born, which comes from the famous soy sauce brand, Kecap Cap Bango, whose black soybeans are named Malika hahaha.

Therefore, the clip-on handlebars are made like the wings of a Bango bird, the shape of the tank is like the body and beak of a Bango bird, the wide swing arm is like the legs of a Bango bird, and the choice of basic colors between the color of soy sauce and my dislike of soy sauce became a color that has no attitude, namely Matte Gray plus black striping.

What was customized?

I customized everything, simply I bought this motorcycle which only used the engine and frame / chassis (which was also cut). Especially the legs from the tires and rims to a larger dimension, shock absorbers, swingarm, Exhaust system, and other body parts

What is your favorite part of this motorcycle and why?

The tank, handlebars, and legs (Tires, exhaust, rims, swing arm) it's just nice to look at, especially from the back, the combination of the tank and handlebars that look like Bango wings plus wide tires ala Shinko, it's just nice to look at, it feels like I have my own personal Bango bird hahaha.

Malika Bango Racer - Kawasaki W175 Bratcafe

Tell us about the joys and sorrows of the customization process?

The joy is that the process from zero to becoming like it is now, it feels like it has its own story, experience and knowledge, even friends have expanded.

The sadness is when this motorcycle is half done but I already used it because I wanted to use it, yes, I was unlucky to have an accident until the handlebars broke, the front shock was bent and so on.

Are there any other desires that you want to implement on the motorcycle?

I want to use gold USD shock absorbers at the front hahaha, but I haven't been able to do it because I'm still thinking about whether or not it's suitable for Malika's current proportions hehe.

Describe your motorcycle in 3 words?

Malika Bango Racer

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