More than Beautiful - Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

Lebih dari Indah - Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

My name is Octa, my current status is a final year law faculty student at a private university around Semanggi. I named my motorbike Poppy.

Brand, type of motorbike and year of production?

Kawasaki W175 late 2018 production.

Why did you decide to customize your motorbike?

At first I was a Vespa kid, after a while it was fun to look at custom motorbikes, it was more like a man when I saw them, finally I decided to build a custom motorbike.

What is the concept, and what is it inspired by?

The concept of modifying my motorbike, Poppy, is more like a Scrambler, very often in my explorations I come across custom motorbikes that are similar to a Scrambler, and I think that's really cool.

Lebih dari Indah - Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

What is custom made?

All parts of the motorbike except the engine, frame, tank.

What part do you like most about this motorbike, why?

The part I like the most is the tank, yes, even though the tank I use is a stock tank, aka Orian, the Kawasaki W175 tank is really sexy.

Tell us about the ups and downs of the custom process?

In my opinion, customizing a motorbike from 0, aka from new/normal motorbike condition, was initially a hassle, sorry, especially since I don't have the basics of a custom motorbike, luckily I have a friend from elementary school named Abram, who happens to have a custom motorbike, that's his hobby there. .

So I don't have to worry too much about buying something, oh yes, btw, all the parts installed on Poppy (my motorbike) were bought by me and my friend myself, because I didn't have them repaired at a custom motorbike repair shop, but at a motorbike restoration shop near my house. BTW, I don't want to do custom work at a custom workshop, because it takes a long time to queue, if there's something fast and the results are satisfactory, why not?

It took almost 2 weeks to build Poppy, which was initially promised by the workshop, a maximum of 7 days or a week. For almost 2 weeks my work was only in the workshop, from noon the workshop was open until midnight, because in my opinion, if I didn't monitor it continuously, the motorbike wouldn't be worked on.

My question every day to workshop people is just "when will it happen, uncle?" ha ha ha ha. At first I was quite disappointed with the repair shop I chose, because the motorbike was almost 2 weeks old and didn't match the promises of the repair shop, but the reason was that I still accepted it, waiting for the paint to really dry, because the right and left box parts and the custom fenders were repainted to match the color of the tank. But after everything was finished, I felt like I didn't expect the results to be this cool, and I was very satisfied.

I have learned a lot from going back and forth every day from the repair shop, if for example my motorbike is running for some reason, I can fix it myself without having to pay to go to the repair shop.

Lebih dari Indah - Kawasaki W175 Scrambler

Do you still have other wishes that you want to apply to your motorbike?

Hmmm, for now I don't have one yet, maybe later if I have the intention I want to change it into a bobber/chopper so I can ride it.

Describe motorbike work in 3 words?

More than beautiful.

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