Amazing! Honda Beat Custom - The Motocompo Reborn Project

A Brief History of the Motocompo

The Motocompo, a unique and foldable motorcycle, was created in 1982 by the renowned Japanese manufacturer Honda. This motorcycle wasn't sold to the general public but instead came as a bundled package with the Honda City car that year. Its main attraction was its ability to fold and fit inside the car.

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Due to its limited production and unique features, the Honda Motocompo has become a rare and coveted motorcycle. With only an estimated 250 units worldwide, its price in Indonesia has skyrocketed to a staggering 50-60 million rupiah.

The Reborn of Motocompo: A Passion Project

Inspired by the Motocompo's unique design, rarity, and functionality, Raka and the Jubetor Jakarta team embarked on an ambitious project to recreate this iconic motorcycle using a Honda Beat as the base. Their goal was to achieve a 1:1 scale replica, capturing the essence of the original Motocompo in every detail.

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A 1:1 Dimension and Foldable Design: The Key Features

The ability to fold into a compact size, just like the original Motocompo, became the project's defining feature. Raka and his team meticulously studied existing Motocompo customizations to ensure their replica would achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Customizing Every Detail

From the custom 10-inch tires to the handcrafted handlebars, headlamp, and taillight, the team at Jubetor Jakarta transformed the Honda Beat into a remarkable replica of the Motocompo. Every detail was carefully considered to capture the essence of the original design.

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