Suzuki Thunder Feels Like a Big Cafe Racer Motorbike

Suzuki Thunder Rasa Moge Cafe Racer

Initially my workshop did not deal with custom, but the workshop was more focused on the world of automatic contests, over time I wanted to try building custom motorbikes in the workshop. As a result I worked on the motorbike in 3 months, how come it took so long? because the parts are originally handmade in my own workshop, not bought on the market, by the way my workshop is located in Mataram - Lombok.

Brand, type of motorbike and year of production?

2004 Suzuki Thunder 125

Suzuki Thunder Rasa Moge Cafe Racer

Why did you decide to customize your motorbike?

Because in my opinion, custom motorbikes are not just ordinary motorbikes, but today's custom motorbikes can be combined with the style of today's children (up to date, that is).

What is the concept, and what is it inspired by?

The caferacer concept is an option. Initially seeing on Instagram, custom motorbikes made me interested in building a vehicle that really suited my own style. Besides why caferacer? I think caferacer really suits my body shape and style.

Suzuki Thunder Rasa Moge Cafe Racer 3

What is custom made?

Starting from the tank parts, battery cover, hornet, and brackets, the frame is made by hand.

What part do you like most about this motorbike, why?

I think the whole of my motorbike, like it all :D

Tell us about the ups and downs of the custom process?

Whether it's up or down, it definitely requires a lot of patience and a lot of funds. The joy is that with satisfactory results we can enjoy our own motorbike, don't forget to enjoy every process bosque

Do you still have other wishes that you want to apply to your motorbike?

There are still lots of them, next time I want to make a motorbike that can become an icon bike.

Thunder Rasa Moge Cafe Racer

Describe motorbike work in 3 words?

Thunder feels like moge.

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