Treasure, Throne, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

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Hello, my name is Beniah Yahya, I live in Bandung, and I am part of the operational crew of a motorcycle apparel brand called Riders and Rules. Therefore, my daily life is very close to the custom motorcycle scene. I also work part-time as a barista at a coffee shop in Bandung.

Make, type of motorcycle and year of production?

Yamaha Scorpio year 2002

Why did you decide to customize the motorcycle?

Actually, the reason is simple, it started from my uneasiness wanting to have a vehicle that is different from other people. Because in my opinion, vehicles are not only means of transportation that are used for mobility, but vehicles must also be able to reflect the identity of the owner.

What is the concept and what was it inspired by?

The concept that I have embedded in my motorcycle is that my motorcycle must be comfortable and can be used for daily use. Therefore, I try to make the equipment as complete as possible and of course it is still comfortable for daily use. For the style, I was inspired by Japanese Classic styles but applied a little touch of European style with a silver frame.

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

And for the paint, I use Candy red because I represent this motorcycle as Hayley Williams, the vocalist of the American pop-punk band Paramore. I grew up very close to the emo and pop-punk music scene, and I have been in love and crazy about Hayley Williams since then until now hahaha. Hayley Williams is iconic with her red hair, so my motorcycle is painted red and I named it Ms. Hayley Williams, hahaha.

What was customized?

70% of the parts of this motorcycle have been customized, such as the Tank, Shock using shock absorbers from the Yamaha Byson, Tires using Swallow Classic with a diameter of 4.00 ring 17 front and rear the same size, front and rear fenders are made new and chrome-plated again, the side body cover is made new carrying the influence of vintage tracker racer style, and I use seagull handlebars to add a Japanese touch to my motorcycle.

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

I use a Chopper style headlight and a 70s Triumph style taillight. I use a stainless steel freeflow exhaust in the shape of a pointed bamboo to make it look a bit like a Bosozoku motorcycle.

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

For the seat, I custom it without threads and plain so that it looks like a Triumph Desert Sled style seat. I am also slowly trying to play with applying small details so that there are details on my motorcycle. First, I applied Japanese kanji lettering on the tank. The writing is the Japanese name of Hayley Williams.

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

Then sometimes I put on a Japanese number plate to add a Japanese touch. I also use dice-shaped tire valves that are usually used on chopper motorcycles. I accidentally got the valve cap at a Vintage Market.

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

What is your favorite part of this motorcycle and why?

The choice of Red Candy color because it reflects Hayley Williams, then the chrome fender because it adds a fancy touch.

Tell us about the joys and sorrows of the customization process?

I first got this motorcycle when I graduated from junior high school and it was already custom and I immediately used it as my operational motorcycle when I was still in high school. Then over time, I had left this motorcycle unattended because I lived in Jakarta to take music education and no one wanted to take care of it in Bandung. Then when I returned to Bandung and I already had my own income, I decided to revive my motorcycle with my own money.

In addition to being revived, I also want to change the shape to make it more in line with my taste and taste, because the previous shape was honestly not very suitable for my taste. And after a long time and many obstacles, finally Ms. Hayley Williams is ready and I have been using it as my daily motorcycle. And my love for my motorcycle has increased now because I just learned to be able to take care of things that can because I rebuilt Hayley purely with my own income. Honestly, I used to not be good at taking care of my own belongings. :)

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

Are there any other desires that you want to implement on the motorcycle?

Because I'm a bored person, there will definitely be changes that I will change in Hayley. But for now I'm quite satisfied with Hayley.

Harta, Takhta, Hayley - Yamaha Scorpio Bratstyle

Describe your motorcycle in 3 words?

Treasure, Throne, Hayley. :))

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