A Childhood Dream - Yamaha Scorpio Chopper Motorcycle

membangun motor chopper yamaha scorpio

Hi everyone, I'm just a high school student who loves custom motorcycles. I happen to have a 2006 Yamaha Scorpio 225z that I want to customize into a chopper motorcycle.

Chopper motorcycles have been my dream since I was a kid. I've been heavily inspired by the chopper motorcycle concepts from Kickass Chopper and the movie Queen Lekha Chooper.

motor chopper yamaha scorpio

All the parts on this motorcycle are custom-made, especially the rigid frame, fenders, exhaust, and other accessories. It was a complicated and time-consuming process to build, but I'm very happy with the final result. In the future, I'd like to chrome the engine to make it even more shiny hehe

motor chopper custom yamaha scorpio
bengkel motor chopper yamaha scorpio

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Name / Alias: Guntur Surya Sumirat
Facebook: Guntur Surya sumirat
Instagram: @guntursuryasumirat11

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