A Different Custom Motorcycle - Honda Megapro Mono Caferacer

Honda Megapro Mono Caferacer

My name is Muhammad Rizky Sholehudin, and I live in Surabaya. I am a high school graduate who graduated during the pandemic. This is the story of my motorcycle, a 2012 Honda Megapro that I customized into a cafe racer.

I got hooked on custom motorcycles from my friend who had been playing with custom motorcycles for a long time. He used a Japstyle motorcycle, and finally, out of curiosity, I started looking for custom motorcycles.

But I've always liked custom motorcycles because they're rarely seen on the streets. So I searched for custom motorcycles, and thank goodness I found this caferacer motorcycle. I bought it, and after using it for a while, I found some problems. Finally, I had it repaired at Hongkongkong Custom located in Banjar Sugihan Surabaya. I repaired the cables, checked the engine problems, and also repainted the motorcycle.

Motor Custom Berbeda - Honda Megapro Mono Caferacer

I chose a cafe racer style for my custom motorcycle because I was inspired by the old MotoGP races.

Specifications of the Honda Megapro Mono Cafe Racer

  • Front shock: Byson Tele
  • Rear shock: Ori MP mono
  • Muffler: Replica Akrapovic
  • Handlebar: Clip on Maseer Beet
  • Front rim: V-champ uk 17 / 300
  • Rear rim: V-champ uk 17 / 350
  • Footstep: Maseer Beet
  • Tank: custom
  • Hornet: custom
  • Front tire: Swallow sb135 uk 400 r17
  • Rear tire: Swallow sb135 uk 450 r17
  • Swing arm: custom
  • Mirrors: Fast Bike

Modifikasi Honda Megapro Mono Caferacer

After the modification was complete, I really liked the low handlebar position, which is a characteristic of a caferacer.

The joys and sorrows of the customization process, of course, it requires money, and the cost is not cheap for me as a student. The process is not short and takes weeks.

I still want to add a full fairing to the motorcycle to make it even more like an old GP motorcycle.

Describe your motorcycle in 3 words?

Different Custom Motorcycle

motor custom Honda Megapro Caferacer

Connect with me:

Name / Alias: Muhammad Rizky S
Facebook: Muhammad Rizky
Instagram: @rizky_4866
Website: -


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