Elegant Yet Powerful - Honda GL200 Scrambler

Elegan Namun Gahar - Honda GL200 Scrambler

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Hello, my name is Amos. Here's the story of my 2003 Honda GL 200 motorcycle that I customized into a Scrambler.

I've been a fan of custom motorcycles since junior high school because I believe they stand out from the crowd with their unique and powerful look.

During my vocational training in high school, I started saving up my allowance and decided to build a custom motorcycle using a basic Honda GL 200, also known as the Honda Tiger, into a Scrambler-style bike. Luckily, my brother is a motorcycle builder who owns a workshop called Benggos Project. I asked him to build me a custom motorcycle with a Scrambler concept inspired by the internet and some of his own imagination. I wanted a bike that was both elegant and powerful.

modifikasi honda tiger scrambler

Almost all parts of the motorcycle are custom made, the only things left are the engine and frame. Once all the parts were done, the motorcycle was almost perfect. But my favorite part is the fuel tank, which has a simple design with a combination of silver, black, and red stripes on the tank and battery cover that reflects its elegance.

inspirasi modifikasi honda gl200 tiger scrambler

ban honda gl200 custom scrambler

The most enjoyable part of the motorcycle building process was seeing the builder's imagination come to life in the form of a real motorcycle. The downside was that I was doing my vocational training in Tangerang and building the motorcycle in Jakarta, so I had to go back and forth to check on the progress.

For now, I'm satisfied with how it looks. I'm saving up money for the future. 

modifikasi headlamp daymaker honda tiger

Describe the motorcycle in 3 words?

Elegant Yet Powerful

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