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KustomGaras The Journal x Daniel Gas Custom

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel and I'm the owner of Gas Custom.

I've been running a motorcycle workshop since 2009, but I didn't have a name for it back then. I used to ride a custom Kawasaki GPZ400, but I sold it. Over time, more and more customers wanted custom motorcycles like mine. Since 2013, I've been getting a lot of customers asking me to modify their motorcycles. At first, most of them wanted japstyle models.

Gas Custom: A Family-Owned Business

My workshop was originally located in Jagakarsa, but in 2017 I moved it to my house after inheriting land from my late father. I built a small workshop there and named it Garage & Stories (Gas Custom). The name was given to me by a friend who is also active in the custom motorcycle scene.

Building a Dream Machine

I was given a 2005 Yamaha Scorpio that had been sitting in the workshop for 3 years. The owner wanted to customize it, but they couldn't afford it. Fortunately, I found a business partner who was willing to fund the project. I was excited to finally start working on this motorcycle.

A Japstyle Scorpio with a Scrambler Twist

The concept for this motorcycle is Japstyle Scorpio, but some people say it looks more like a scrambler. Whatever you call it, I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for the rider.

japstyle scorpio motor custom


  • Complete legal paperwork
  • All electrical components working
  • Ride it USD shock absorbers
  • Sprint 360mm rear shock absorbers
  • Newtek digital speedometer
  • Daymaker 13-eye cat headlight
  • Japs grill turn signals and stop lamp
  • Swallow SB 117 tires
  • Front tire size: 120/80 ring 17
  • Rear tire size: 150/70 ring 17
  • Rossi 4.5inc/17 rear wheel
  • Rossi 3inc/17 front wheel
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust
  • Healthy and normal engine
  • PE 28 carburetor
  • Binter Mercy handlebar
  • 90% new parts
  • Custom parts: fenders, battery cover, headlight bracket, fuel tank

The Fuel Tank: A Work of Art

My favorite part of this motorcycle is the fuel tank. I customized it to look a bit like a Triumph tank, but with a curved bottom front and a very proportional size.

The Joy of Building a Custom Motorcycle

I really enjoyed working on the undercarriage of this motorcycle, especially the tires and shocks. This was the first step in giving the motorcycle its character. I think if the undercarriage doesn't look right, it's hard to get excited about the rest of the project.

The Challenges of Customizing

The most frustrating thing about running a workshop is when parts take a long time to arrive, like tires, wheels, lights, and shocks. I don't stock these items because I have limited capital, so I have to buy them online. It usually takes 2 or 3 days for them to arrive, which slows down the process.

Future Plans

In the future, I want to make a skid plate and install an exhaust wrap.

modifikasi motor custom japstyle scorpio

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Junk to Beauty

I'm selling this Japstyle Scorpio motorcycle. If you're interested, contact me on IG!

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Name / Alias: Daniel Fauzi
Facebook: Daniel fauzi
Instagram: @gascustom

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