Master of Street - Yamaha MT25 Scrambler

motor custom scrambler yamaha mt25

With creativity and imagination, we can make dreams come true, like the motorcycle owned by Alvian, a custom motorcycle enthusiast. Because he was bored with standard motorcycles and wanted to pour his naughty ideas into his motorcycle, he chose a Yamaha MT25 because its toughness is no longer in doubt.

The concept is a scrambler and inspired by the BMW R9T, with a strong and macho base motorcycle that makes it suitable for this concept.

Custom modifications are actually simple because not much has been changed, but it is still original that has been slightly modified but very satisfying. Starting from the frame which is of course cut, custom fenders, then the windshield, skidplate and custom seat frame.

modifikasi yamaha mt25 scrambler

The tires use Shinko bigblock, Daymaker Orion headlights, Brock Led turn signals and taillights, aftermarket mirrors.

Headlamp Daymaker Yamaha MT25 Scrambler 2

ban shinko scrambler yamaha mt25

The shape of the seat is the part I like most about this motorcycle, because it makes the rider comfortable and the ferocious front appearance makes all eyes stare.

The joys and sorrows of the custom process, the joy is because it was made at the trusted SAGARA CUSTOM workshop and made by professional builders. The sadness is only in the time that cannot be rushed because customizing a motorcycle requires calmness so that you can pour your ideas into the object to the maximum.

For the future, maybe the tank will be changed because it is still using the original tank from the motorcycle

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Master of Street

Yamaha MT25 Scrambler 2

Yamaha MT25 Scrambler

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