Patience, Perseverance, & Imagination - Honda GL Max Street Caferacer

honda gl max modifikasi street cafe racer

The story of this old "Bray" motorcycle with a street cafe racer concept was made at home (Home Made) with the help of friends who understand machines and modifications that are applied according to my imagination. The type of motorcycle I use is a 1992 Honda GL Max with an engine specification that has been upgraded to 200cc.

For me, modifying an old motorcycle is an art of patience and perseverance for the process with maximum results, and for me old motorcycles have their own stories that make the high value of the old motorcycle itself.

The concept that I applied to my motorcycle is Cafe Racer, inspired by the story of Cafe Racer itself.

modifikasi honda gl max jadi cafe racer

I have modified almost everything from the original Honda GL Max base, starting from the frame which is adjusted to the design, then the handlebars, front and rear shock absorbers, front and rear lights including turn signals.

To add to the classic impression, the tank, rims and tires are chosen using a classic profile, a racing concept muffler, Tiger Arm, license plate holder and front and rear fenders and hornets that I customize, the rest can be monitored yourself through the pictures that exist.

What I like the most is the handlebar part which can be called an under handlebar in the Cafe Racer concept, because in this part you can feel the racing sensation with a slightly hunched body position but still dashing.

The joys and sorrows of modifying an old motorcycle can be seen from the process itself which takes a long time, not instant, but behind all that process itself, we can chat and have coffee with friends.

motor custom honda gl max cafe racer dan streetcub

For the future, there are still many additional concepts, one of which is the engine that I want to make a twin upgrade to 400cc two cylinders and a classic half fairing that makes it even more classic.

The point is, if you want to customize an old motorcycle, don't forget 3 things, namely Patience, Perseverance, and Imagination.

That's the story of my old "Bray" motorcycle, thanks to KustomGaras for supporting this article. Greetings of boundless solidarity for old motorcycle lovers.

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