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Hello, I am Ryan Dimas, the owner of Gombloh (caferacer). I believe the motorcycle I designed with the help of my friend Faisal Agung is part of my personal character, that's why I chose a cafe racer with a maroon and yellow color combination as the identity of my business in the multimedia / creative consultant field, I even match it with a bulldog helmet made by aweCustom which is also maroon.

motor custom basic yamaha byson

Since I've always loved handmade things and standing out, you could say it represents the character of a Mr. RD, then with a basic 2012 Yamaha Byson motorcycle I built my dream cafe racer. Overall, the concept of my motorcycle is a mix between bratCafe and cafeRacer. Because the hornet / wasp tail is portable, it can be removed or installed according to my mood.

Almost 85% of the body parts are custom made, starting from the fuel tank, hornet, tires, rims, chain, gear, rear shock which was originally mono, handlebars, taillight, digital speedometer, headlamp, swing arm extended 5cm. The only originals are the engine, frame, and front shock.

modifikasi yamaha byson caferacer

My favorite part of this motorcycle is the fuel tank, where I customized it to fit the cafe racer body and it has the logo of my business, TJ Artmosphere.

The joys and sorrows of building a motorcycle, for about 3 months I couldn't find an idea of what I wanted to customize it into, so it just sat in the workshop waiting for me to decide to make it a 2018 cafe racer model. Shaping Gombloh into the character it is now wasn't easy, I had to move to 3 workshops to be satisfied.

First workshop 2018: changed std to basic caferacer by installing parts I already had. Second workshop 2019: replaced mono shock with dual shock, changed Swallow sb 450/18 tires to Swallow 400/18. Third workshop 2020: repainted with the same color and combination, adding fairing to make it a pure cafe racer. And at the end of last year, Gombloh also participated as one of the icons of the MODS VS ROCKERS event in Surabaya.

inspirasi modifikasi yamaha byson motor custom caferacer

Right now Gombloh is perfect as a caferacer, but next I have a dream of customizing a Bobber sportster :)

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Sapere Aude Artmosphere

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