Yamaha Scorpio Chopper: Original, Culture & Luxurious

chopper yamaha scorpio

KustomGaras The Journal x M.Herijefri

Hello everyone, my name is M. Heri Jepri and I am an entrepreneur.

The base motorcycle I used is a 2006 Yamaha Scorpio that I customized into a Chopper.

A Passion for Motorcycles

I built this motorcycle because it has become a part of my daily life. I have been involved in the motorcycle world since 2010 and have developed a keen interest in motorcycle customization. The concept of this motorcycle is chopper and I was inspired by President Jokowi's motorcycle which was made by Elders Garage. That's why I wanted to have a chopper motorcycle with my own style.

About 80% of the parts on this motorcycle were customized at one of the most famous custom workshops in Palembang.


  • Frame handmade by Irawan Custom
  • Front shock using springer model finishing chrome
  • Handmade tank finishing chrome
  • Wheels using Invader model finishing chrome
  • Front tires using Unilli brand tires made in Thailand
  • Rear tires using Shinko brand tires made in Korea
  • Handmade brass handgrip
  • Handmade brass step
  • Handmade brass valve cover
  • Handmade brass exhaust funnel
modifikasi motor custom chopper yamaha scorpio

A Chrome and Brass Masterpiece

Overall, I really like the parts of this motorcycle because the combination of chrome and brass gives this motorcycle a luxurious impression.

A Tribute to My Father

Before I tell you about the joys and sorrows of making this motorcycle, I would like to introduce this motorcycle first. I named this motorcycle Handori.

Actually, that is the name of my late father who passed away during the motorcycle construction process on May 7, 2019, and did not have time to see the motorcycle finished. My father was very supportive of the construction of this motorcycle because basically my father loved motorcycles even though he had not had time to see it finished. It was first started around March 2019 and finished around July 2019 and immediately followed the most prestigious Suryanation Motorland Battle event and thank God I got a Judges Pick by Christian Sosa (SOSA METALWORKS, USA). And it is also an honor to be able to win 2nd place in the chopper/bober under 250 class in that event.

And why I named it HANDORI besides remembering my late father, it also has the meaning of hand and ori can be called original, so it can be interpreted as original handmade. Alhamdulillah the motorcycle is finished even though my father has not had time to see it, but I am sure he is proud to see it. I dedicate this victory to my father in heaven and I hope my father is at peace there.

Dreams of a Bigger Bike

Perhaps if I had the desire and dream, I would really like to have a larger cc motorcycle like Harley Davidson.

motor custom chopper Yamaha Scorpio

Describe your motorcycle creation in 3 words?

Original, culture, luxurious

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Name / Alias: M. Heri Jepri / Bangjeff
Facebook: jefry.ujex
Instagram: @m.herijefri
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