From Sketch to Reality - Honda GL Max Bratcafe

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Hello everyone, my name is Redo. I'm a student at one of the universities in West Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for the world of customization, especially in the automotive field.

Greydi: The Honda GL Max Bratcafe

Today, I'd like to share the story of my motorcycle, a 1983 Honda GL-Max named Greydi.

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The Inspiration Behind the Custom

I've always dreamed of owning a custom motorcycle since high school. I believe it reflects my personality and passion as a musician. Plus, it's just cooler to ride a custom bike! However, I also bought this motorcycle to allow my parents to use my old bike for errands and daily needs since they live alone and don't have any other vehicles besides online transportation.

Bratcafe: The Perfect Style

For Greydi's transformation, I chose the Brat-Cafe or Cafe Racer genre. I'm inspired by classic motorcycles with chunky tires and simple bodies, and their history of racing from cafe to cafe. While I might not be racing, I do enjoy hanging out at cafes.

A Complete Transformation

The customization of this motorcycle is almost as extensive as it gets. The frame was cut from the middle to the rear, a new tank inspired by the Honda CB was installed, along with side covers, a custom seat, and a stainless-steel exhaust. All of the bodywork is made from galvanized plate, and the paint job was done by my own younger brother using spray paint in Sonic Grey and Glossy Black.

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A Touch of Classic

My favorite parts of this motorcycle are the tank and the cross-patterned lights, which add a classic touch.

honda custom bratcafe

As with any passion project, there were ups and downs along the way. I've had gears pop out on the road and spark plugs go out at random times. But I've also received a lot of appreciation, and I cherish this motorcycle immensely. I originally got it from a friend of my girlfriend's, and it was in pretty rough shape, rusted all over. But I knew it had a story to tell. And since I've always wanted a custom bike and had the budget, I decided to go for it rather than just keep drawing pictures of motorcycles!

I have plenty of plans for the future, but my main focus is upgrading the engine for a smoother ride.

motor bratcafe indonesia

Describing My Motorcycle Creation in 3 Words

Dream Turned Reality

modifikasi gl max bratcafe

Connect with Redo

Name / Alias: Redo Vernanda / Redo
Facebook: Redo Vernanda
Instagram: @redovrnd

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