Rugged, Skinny, Elegant - Kawasaki KZ200 Skinny Chopper

Motor Chopper KZ200

Hello everyone, my name is I Gede Bagus Eka Putra, or Kriwil for short. I was first introduced to custom culture in 2016. While I wasn't initially drawn to the scene, after hanging out at the workshop @x_bonengcustombre: [URL yang tidak valid dihapus], I developed a strong interest in building choppers. My dream finally came to life in 2019.

Building a Dream Chopper with Boneng

At the workshop of builder I Putu Edy Sanjaya (@guseka.undftd), aka Boneng, I brought my dream to life using a 1981 Kawasaki KZ200 as the base. Boneng has been immersed in the world of custom culture since 2014.

Modifikasi Chopper KZ200

A Passion for Custom Culture and Friendship

My decision to customize a motorcycle stemmed from my love for custom culture and the fact that the builder was my friend. I've always admired Boneng's previous work, which is characterized by its unique style, innovation, and attention to detail. And with a little encouragement from friends, I was determined to build my own custom chopper.

Bikin Motor Custom dari Kawasaki Binter Merzy

Skinny Narrow Chopper: Inspired by Chase Stopnik

The concept for my motorcycle was a Skinny Narrow Chopper, inspired by Chase Stopnik's Knuckle Head Chopper. 90% of the parts on this motorcycle are custom, including the frame, girder fork, handlebar, riser, exhaust, sissy bar, fender, engine bracket, and gas tank.

Kawasaki KZ200 Custom Chopper

  • Headlamp: FMC
  • Stop lamp: BSA variation
  • Wheels: Akront Morrad Spain 21.185 front and 18.215 rear
  • Tires: Swallow 21.275 front and Coker Diamond 18.400 rear
  • Custom front drum
  • TX750 rear drum

A Labor of Love and Trust

Every part of this motorcycle holds a special place in my heart. I put my complete trust in Boneng, and he delivered a masterpiece. The key was to be patient and enjoy the process.

The Ups and Downs of Customizing

The joys of customizing include finding rare parts and seeing the motorcycle come to life. The challenges lie in the financial aspect of sourcing parts. However, the end result is immensely satisfying, not just for me but also for those who see it (Amen).

Future Plans: Further Refinements and Kustomfest Participation

I have plans for further refinements on the motorcycle, and I hope to participate in the next Kustomfest.

Bikin Custom dari Kawasaki KZ200

Describing My Motorcycle Creation in 3 Words

Rugged, Skinny, Elegant

Connect with Kriwil

Name / Alias: I Gede Bagus Eka Putra / Kriwil
Facebook: -
Instagram: @aguswirra_
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