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Hello everyone, my name is Alfero. Born in Surabaya and raised in Gresik, I'm currently 21 years old and have been immersed in the world of motorcycles since I was in 1st grade of junior high school. My family has a passion for tinkering with and buying and selling motorcycles and cars, so I naturally followed suit. My dream is to one day build my own workshop at home.

Transforming a Honda Megapro into a Cafe Racer Masterpiece

This is my pride and joy, a 2006 Honda Megapro, also known as the Primus, that I've customized to stand out from the crowd of factory motorcycles.

megapro cafe racer

Inspired by retro-style racing motorcycles, I embraced the cafe racer concept for my transformation.

The changes are extensive, starting with the undercarriage. I've opted for 2.5-inch wheels and 350 tires for the front, while the rear features 3-inch wheels and 400 tires, all from Swallow Classic. The tank is a replica of the CB750, the footpegs are chrome-plated Ninja R units, and the seat is a custom handmade single seat that can still accommodate a pillion in an emergency. The handlebars are clip-ons, and the front shocks are stock but have been customized with a flattened top section. Finally, the swingarm is from a Honda Tiger for a more substantial and imposing look.

megapro primus cafe racer

A Personal Touch and a Sense of Pride

My favorite parts of this motorcycle are the engine and the seat. The engine has been upgraded to almost Tiger level performance, and the seat is a custom single seat that can still accommodate a pillion in an emergency.

The process of customizing this motorcycle with my own hands and resources has been a source of immense pride and satisfaction.
Future Plans: Enhancing the Look and Feel
My next steps for this motorcycle include creating a detachable hornet and half fairing, and then I'll move on to the painting process to give it that gleaming and polished finish.

Describing the Motorcycle in 3 Words

Simple, Elegant, and Luxurious

cafe racer honda megapro

Connect with Alfero

Name / Alias: Alfero Pradiasta, usually called Fero
Facebook: Alfero Pradiasta
Instagram: @alferooooo

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