Yamaha Vixion Scrambler: Handsome, Agile, and Fuel-Efficient

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My name is Catur Febriyanto. I was born in Surakarta, Indonesia, on February 3, 1992. I work as an internal audit staff at a car showroom for one of the Japanese car manufacturers. My motorcycle is a 2009 Yamaha Vixion that I named Malika, because most of the motorcycle is black.

A Personal Choice: Scrambler for Adventure

I personally prefer to stand out, and I have many memories with my motorcycle. The beginning of my motorcycle customization began after I had a single accident where I almost hit another motorcyclist who was reckless. Not wanting to take any risks, I chose to fall off my bike, which caused quite a bit of damage to it. So, I decided to customize my motorcycle. And looking at my hobbies and interests, I often go on adventures in the outdoors, which suits my personality. Because in my opinion, the character of a motorcycle is a reflection of the character of its owner.

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Scrambler is the concept I chose for Malika, inspired by myself, because I prefer to travel outdoors. So, I decided to customize the motorcycle with a scrambler concept so that I can take it to places that are difficult to reach with ordinary vehicles like mountains, hidden beaches, or places that can only be reached by motorcycles with a scrambler-like character.

Yamaha vixion 2015

Since this is a scrambler motorcycle, the first thing I changed was the undercarriage. I replaced the front and rear wheels with a larger dual-purpose type than the original factory tires that can be used on both paved roads and dirt roads. Then I changed the handlebars to be wider to make it easier to accelerate, and I customized the seat to make it look more classic. Finally, I installed accessory parts to enhance the motorcycle to make it look classic but without losing the character of a scrambler motorcycle.

Yamaha Vixion Malika

Overall, I love the results of my custom motorcycle.

The Ups and Downs of Customizing

I would say that there were more downs than ups in the process of customizing this motorcycle, from the very beginning until now. In my opinion, Malika had a very long customization process, because unlike most custom motorcycles that are willing to wait a long time in a custom workshop, Malika is the only motorcycle I have. Therefore, if I had to stay in the workshop for a long time, I would have trouble because I have to work and go to college with that motorcycle.

Making it Work

So, with that situation, I figured it out by changing parts of the motorcycle little by little in my spare time, changing parts that I thought would not take long. And if I had to work overtime until the evening, I would definitely do it. For the process of changing parts of the motorcycle, I often ask my friend who has a custom motorcycle workshop not far from my house. Overall, the process of customizing my motorcycle was not too much trouble, because the parts or parts on my motorcycle are easy to find in accessory stores. Even if I have to make it myself, my friend is very reliable.

vixion 2015 scrambler

So, the ups in the process of customizing my motorcycle are that I was very much helped by my friend with his home workshop, while the downs were probably more about time in terms of the customization process, and one more thing that was a down was the budget, of course. hehe

Future Plans: Longer Swingarm and Twinport Engine

There are still parts that I want to change, namely the swingarm which I want to change to be longer so that the motorcycle looks longer so that when I want to make it higher, the shape of the motorcycle will look more precise. And next to change the engine to twinport.

Describe your motorcycle creation in 3 words?

Handsome, Agile, Fuel-Efficient.

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