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KustomGaras - Back Again with Another Custom Creation

Hey everyone, it's Daniel here, the owner of Gas Custom. I've been in the motorcycle customization business since 2009, starting out with a basic custom Kawasaki GPZ400 that I eventually sold.

Over the years, many of my customers have expressed their desire to own a custom motorcycle like mine, mostly in the Japstyle genre. When I first opened my workshop in Jagakarsa, I was still operating under a different name. In 2017, I moved my workshop to my home after inheriting a plot of land from my late father. I then built a makeshift space and named my business Garage & Sories (Gas Custom). The name was given to me by a friend who is also actively involved in motorcycle customization.

Transforming a Yamaha Scorpio into a Unique Creation

This particular motorcycle is a 2008 Yamaha Scorpio. When I first acquired it, it already had a Bobber style. However, the owner wanted me to transform it into something more unique and unrecognizable on the streets.

Some might call it a chopper, while others might call it a bobber. I wanted to create something different from the norm, with handlebars that weren't too high or too wide to fit through the owner's narrow doorway. I also wanted to use a springer but retain the disc brakes.

springer chopper bobber custom


  • Custom front shock (springer)
  • Car starter
  • Ride It rear shock
  • SB 117 tires, front size 400/18 & rear 450/18
  • Rossi wheels 3.5/18 rear, 3 /18 front
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust
  • PE 28 carburetor
  • Chrome engine block
  • Custom seat
  • Nissin 4-piston caliper
  • Sportster tank

A Passion for the Undercarriage

I particularly love the undercarriage of this motorcycle, including the brakes and exhaust. It's rare to see a springer setup with disc brakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating the undercarriage, including the tires and shocks, as this initial stage sets the foundation for the motorcycle's overall character. In my opinion, if the undercarriage doesn't look powerful enough, it's hard to get excited about moving on to the upper parts.

Future Plans

My next step for this motorcycle is to install a speedometer.

Describing the Motorcycle in 3 Words

Chop and Bob

Connect with Daniel

Name / Alias: Daniel Fauzi

Facebook: daniel fauzi

Instagram: @gascustom

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