The Tangerine Machine: Honda CL 175 Scrambler

KustomGaras - Hello my name is Vace Halastaras, I’m a director of photography in the film and television industry and a fine arts painter, but ever since I was young I had an unyielding passion for every type of two wheeled vehicle; from pocket rockets, to choppers. My father owns SXKustoms, a custom motorcycle shop in Houston Texas. I had a motor purring between my legs from the age of 7.

After I completed my junior year in college I decided it was time to feed my hunger for a beast of my own. I was certain I wanted to restore an old Honda CL, but I didn’t have the skills or the knowledge to do it myself.  I teamed up with local Savannah Georgia motorcycle shop @coastalempiremoto and browsed their golden graveyard for my dream machine.

This 1972 Honda CL 175 became my rust bucket, and Coastal Moto instantly got to work. I explained to them my artistic vision in detail, and they graciously invited me to work with them on this project. 

After several weeks of scrubbing and cleaning, we finally broke the bike down to a point of reconstruction. I had taken many different elements from cafe racers that I had loved, and applied them to this CL. 

After hooping the backend, fabricating a new seat, applying a vibrant paint job, ordering some new parts and cutting/wrapping the exhaust we finally came to a slow stopping point. 

I wanted to have the bike completed by my 21st birthday before I left town, and Coastal Empire Moto stopped at absolutely nothing to help me achieve this goal. 

In only 8 weeks they had my bike pieced together and kickstarted on the second attempt. Not only was I impressed with their speeds, but I felt as though I was part of a new family. 
Thus the Tangerine Machine was birthed, with this outstanding before and after coverage. 

I have learned so much from this quick experience and am incredibly thankful for this small, yet incredible community in Savannah Georgia for helping me make my dreams come true. 

[This bike will be fully completed within the next 7 days and can be seen on @coastalempiremoto / @datavace instagram accounts.]

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