Honda CB200 Twin: A Collector's Dream and Customizer's Canvas

Sejarah Honda CB200 Twin KustomGaras - The Honda CB200 Twin, a legendary motorcycle produced by the winged giant to complete its lineup of entry-level twin-cylinder motorcycles after the CB125 Twin and CB175 Twin. Rolling off the production line from 1972 to 1978 globally, this motorcycle only made it to Indonesian shores from 1972 to 1974, and it is believed to have been CKD-produced. Its short production run explains its rarity today.

A Rare Sight

Catching a glimpse of the Honda CB200 Twin is a rare treat even for seasoned enthusiasts who frequent motorcycle contests, events, and gatherings. Its elusiveness only adds to its mystique.

Honda CB200 Twin Grey Original Look

Honda CB200 Twin Red Green Classic Bike

Honda CB200 Twin Klasik Langka

Timeless Design

The Honda CB200 Twin embodies classic charm with its enduring design. The distinctive lines of its café-racer-style fuel tank serve as a reference point for modern CB-inspired custom builds. Back in its heyday, this motorcycle was considered technologically advanced, featuring a 198cc parallel-twin engine, dual carburetors, OHC 4 valves, a front disc brake, a 5-speed manual transmission, and an electric starter.

Honda CB200 Twin Performance

While precise performance figures are hard to come by, based on available information, the Honda CB200 Twin is said to have produced 17 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 13 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. Its oversquare configuration meant that higher revs were required to extract its full power. The Honda CB200 Twin was claimed to have a top speed of 77.1 mph (around 124 km/h).

CB200 Specifications

Manufacturer : Honda
Production : 1973-1978
Predecessor : Honda CB175 Twin
Successor : Honda CB250

Class : Road/Sports
Nett Weight : 132kg
Engine : 198 cc (12.1 cu in) Twin
Transmission : 5 speed
Max Power : 17Hp @9.000 Rpm
Max Torque : 13 N.m @7.000 Rpm
Suspension : Telescopic fork/twin rear shock absorbers
Brakes : Drum/Drum (A) Disc/Drum (B)
Tires : Front 2.75-18 Rear 3.00-18
Fuel capacity : 11 l (2.9 US gal)

Overshadowed by Its Sibling

The Honda CB200 Twin's relatively small presence in Indonesia can be attributed to the popularity of the Honda CB100 series, which offered a more compact, simpler, lighter, and easier-to-maintain package. As a result, the Honda CB200 Twin was somewhat overshadowed by its younger sibling. This has contributed to its current status as a sought-after collector's item, driving up its price to astronomical levels. For those fortunate enough to still own a Honda CB200 Twin, cherish this iron jewel.

A Scrambler Sibling

The Honda CB200 Twin also has a scrambler sibling, the Honda CL200 Scrambler, which shares a similar design. We'll delve into the Honda CL200 Scrambler in a future motopedia post.

Honda CB200 Custom Potential

The Honda CB200 Twin offers a wealth of potential for custom modifications. Here are some inspirational photos of custom Honda CB200 Twins:

Honda CB200 Twin Custom Neo Cafe Racer

Honda CB200T Custom Bratcafe

Honda CB200T Scrambler by Alex Lopez


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