The Enigmatic Kurogane Type 95: A Rare Bird of World War II

Sejarah Motor Perang - Kurogane Tipe 95 1939
Photo via instagram @perekatipole79

KustomGaras - At first glance, this motorcycle might resemble the famed Rikuo Type 97 from Japan. However, the classic Kurogane Type 95 is so rare that some even believed it to be nonexistent in the past.

Sejarah Motor Perang Klasik Rikuo Tipe 97
Rikuo Tipe 97 Photo via The Coolector

A Rare and Unique Motorcycle

Produced in Japan in 1939, the Kurogane Type 95 featured a 1260cc V-twin engine and a high ground clearance of around 20 cm, earning it the nickname "two-story motorcycle." The Kurogane was one and a half times larger than the Rikuo and required a sidecar to stabilize the motorcycle.

Kurogane Type 95 Designed for Military Officers

The Kurogane Type 95 was primarily used to transport military officers due to its sophisticated and executive exterior.

A Legacy Lost and Regained

Due to the Hiroshima atomic bombing in 1945, the Nihon Nai-Enki plant, the manufacturer of the Kurogane, was completely destroyed, and the lives of the engineers and designers were lost. As a result, the Kurogane Type 95 became shrouded in mystery, with many believing it to be a figment of imagination.

A Motorcycle Revived in Memory

In recent years, the Kurogane Type 95 has regained recognition among motorcycle enthusiasts and historians. Its unique design and historical significance have made it a sought-after collectible, even though only a handful of these motorcycles are known to exist.

Sejarah Motor Klasik - Kurogane Tipe 95 1939
Photo via instagram @perekatipole79

A Testament to Japanese Engineering

Despite its limited production and short lifespan, the Kurogane Type 95 stands as a testament to Japanese engineering during World War II. Its innovative design and bold approach to motorcycle construction have left a lasting impression on the history of military motorcycles.

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