Simple, Functional & Unique Royal Enfield Continental GT650 2022

Simple, Functional & Unique Royal Enfield Continental GT650 2022

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Hello, my name is Abu Md. Zakaria and my friends call me Zack. I'm just a small-town guy based in Silchar district, state Assam, India.

How did I get into motorcycles? I guess it was my dad. When I was a kid my dad used to take me on his old Yamaha RX100 motorcycle for rides. I used to sit on the tank while we were riding the motorcycle. As a little kid sitting on the motorcycle, wind hitting on the face and asking my dad soo many questions about the bike. Man, it was such a euphoric feeling. Tasted a sense of freedom on two wheels at an early age. 

What is the make, model, and year of your motorcycle?

The motorcycle I have right now is from Royal Enfield. Model: Continental GT 650 2022 edition 

What inspired you to customize your motorcycle?

For me owning a motorcycle was an accomplishment. And I wasn't content with just having any ordinary bike. I wanted to make it my own, so I set out to customize it to my style and liking.

Simple, Functional & Unique Royal Enfield Continental GT650 2022

Can you tell me about the overall concept for your custom motorcycle? What was your inspiration?

The overall theme of my motorcycle is heavily inspired by the retro cafe racer. 
I tried my best to make it a retro cafe racer. \

What specific parts of your motorcycle have been customized?

Here are the lists of the customizations.
  • Slipon performance exhaust
  • Performance airfilter 
  • Custom rear frame
  • Custom rear tail light. 
  • Aftermarket headlight 
  • Custom turn signal brackets
  • Aftermarket turn signals
  • Racedynamics fuel x pro
  • Pro-spec easy clutch. 
  • Nissin front brake master cylinder 
  • Custom 17 inch rims for both front and back
  • Front double disc setup. (Stock ones are single disc)
  • NGK sparkplugs
  • Lowered clipons 
  • Custom seat with cowl
  • Rear moon disc
  • AUX lights for trail uses
  • EBC sintered pads
Can you describe some of the unique or custom-made parts on your motorcycle?

The unique custom-made part is my seat and cowl, they are made with metal sheets. The design is pretty simple but it makes my bike unique and completes the cafe racer look.

Simple, Functional & Unique Royal Enfield Continental GT650 2022

What are some of the challenges you faced during the customization process?

Being from a small town. We don't actually have access to lots of items. For reference, there is no mig welder in my town. So it's pretty difficult to fabricate some parts from scratch. The cowl of the seat is made from a metal sheet. It was really difficult to give it the specific shape I wanted. Thus after three attempts, I was satisfied with the design. It was a challenging task. But I'm happy with the end results.

What is your favorite part of your custom motorcycle? Why?

Answer: I really like the process of fabricating parts from scratch. But I'd say the seat cowl and the custom rear frame is definitely my favorite out of all. 

They give my motorcycle such a unique look and compliments the cafe racer theme. 

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about customizing their motorcycle?

I'd say don't start directly customizing your motorcycle after you get it. Ride the motorcycle and feel the rhythm of it and then slowly start customizing. My advice is always to keep the stock parts safe somewhere as a backup and be really careful about customizing your motorcycle if you are from a country like India where customizing your motorcycle voids the warranty of it.

Don't add unnecessary parts to the motorcycle. Keep it plain and simple. 

If you could change one thing about your custom motorcycle, what would it be?

A big bore kit would be really nice tho. Specifically S&S big bore kit for GT 650. Converting the existing 650CC to a massive 835CC engine. 

Simple, Functional & Unique Royal Enfield Continental GT650 2022

How would you describe your custom motorcycle in three words?

Simple, functional and unique. 

What are your plans for the future of your custom motorcycle?

Planning to build a custom header pipe and some carbon fiber parts for weight reduction. 

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