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Suzuki A100 Modifikasi Custom Cafe Racer

The Journal by GDZH Custom Cycle

I am Dana Prasetya (Ghondez) owner of GDZH CUSTOM CYCLE, address Jl. Governor Suryo Gg IV, block B, No 17, Jombang, East Java. Established in 2004. I myself graduated from Graphic Design in Bandung. Our workshop does all custom motorbike matters, from A to Z... You name it, from just helmet paint to chassis, we can make it ourselves, except for the engine sector, we don't do it.

We accept all custom flow styles, as long as we can do it.

Cafe Racer 2t Suzuki A100
Photo : Hideki Hoshikawa

Brand, type of motorbike and year of production?

Suzuki, A100 1987

Why did you decide to customize your motorbike?

Starting from just a restoration to original, over time the owner often went to the repair shop to look at the motorbike that was being worked on in the shop. Finally he was curious and asked, can this motorbike (A100) be modified too?
After we discussed together, we finally agreed on a custom caferacer flow.

What is the concept, and what is it inspired by?

The cafe racer concept started from the SUZUKI A3 tank he brought previously, if you look at it, it looks like a silver bullet. Therefore, in the end all the body lines follow the dynamic shape of the A3 tank, the streamlined flowing lines are in accordance with the concept of a cafe racer or racing motorbike in the 70'-80' era.

Suzuki A100 Modifikasi Custom Cafe Racer
Photo : GDZH Custom Cycle

What is custom made?

I used an original Suzuki A3 tank, but other parts such as the wasp tail, lamp cover, battery cover, seat were all handmade from 1.4mm iron plate.

Headlights Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer
Photo : GDZH Custom Cycle

There have been slight adjustments to the chassis geometry, I used the steering wheel bearing model KLX150 to make it more stable, the front shock was cut by 4 cm, the angle of the rear shock was made 15° lower and 4 cm further forward than the original position.

Suzuki A100 Custom Cafe Racer
Photo : GDZH Custom Cycle

Swingarm, steering wheel, carburetor intake, magnetic cover, front footstep, exhaust, we all custom handmade

What part do you like most about this motorbike, why?

The tail and engine parts, it's looks so sexy. :)

Hornet Caferacer Suzuki A100
Photo : Pipeburn

Tell us about the ups and downs of the custom process?

The most difficult thing is finding the stance/standing position for this motorbike. how to make it look solid and streamlined. because we are not used to customizing motorbikes with monocoque frames.

It's also a matter of detail, many of the small parts that we make are handmade, such as bolt covers, turn signals, drum resistance, etc. which really require patience and time.

Juara Suryanation Motorland Suzuki A100 Cafe Racer
Photo : GDZH Custom Cycle

LIKES: first it was fun to join Suryanation Surabaya...surprise! We got 1# in caferacer class, the public response to this motorbike was extraordinary. beyond our expectations... :D

Do you still have other wishes that you want to apply to your motorbike?

Exhaust, this is an unresolved problem on this motorbike, not satisfied with the shape, it would be better if the shape was smoother.

Suzuki A100 Modifikasi Custom Caferacer
Photo : Kustom Scene

Describe motorbike work in 3 words?

It's looks fast!

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